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Check the Box on Michigan State Requirements with the Affordable, All-in-One COVID-19 Compliance Coach App

July 6, 2020

The Safer, Smarter Return-to-Work Solution

Running a business while navigating COVID-19 isn’t easy — but it is the new normal. That’s why we created the all-new COVID-19 Compliance Coach App, available through

As small businesses in Michigan, we’re required by the government to meet and provide a variety of mandatory safeguards for our customers, employees, and community — including:

  1. Developing a COVID-19 preparedness and response plan
  2. Designating one or more worksite supervisors
  3. Providing COVID-19 training
  4. Conducting daily entry and self-screening protocol

­­­The COVID-19 Compliance Coach App is here to help. Our affordable, all-in-one solution “checks-the-box” every step of the way — built to support and “coach” your teams as they manage the day-to-day tasks of a safe and healthy coronavirus response and meet these critical government requirements.

With the COVID-19 Compliance Coach, your company will have access to both the COVID-19 Compliance Coach App (compatible with iPhone and Android phones) and an easy-to-use online Administration Portal.


Using the app, your employees can report their daily health status — answering just three, quick questions before arriving to work each day. And based on individual answers, the COVID-19 Compliance Coach App provides personalized, CDC-recommended actions according to health concerns and reports employee results back to management.

Employees can also use the app to:

  • Review yourcustom COVID safety plans via their mobile device
  • Receive importantcompanycommunications and alerts
  • Learn more about personal safety procedures and business best practices with six preloaded training courses designed with content from sources like the CDC, OSHA, FEMA and DHS


Plus, as an employer, you can access our online portal to:

  • Review employee health and safety checks for daily, individualized follow-up
  • Share company-wide updates via push notification
  • Create and communicate detailed Risk Response Plans specific to your business and aligned with the Federal guidelines for high, medium and low levels of transmission risk
  • Monitor and record time stamps for safety plan acknowledgement and training completion


And, as a participating member of the COVID-19 Compliance Coach, you can also access the printable Active Member Seal to promote your preparedness to customers and the community!

Help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 across your entire footprint and be sure your business and employees are compliant, confident and prepared with the COVID-19 Compliance Coach App — built by a small business, for your small business.

To learn more about the entire COVID-19 Compliance Coach ecosystem, simply visit

The COVID-19 Compliance Coach App is a product of Alteris Group and built on their powerful Learn2Go app platform – a pioneering mobile app training service designed to help companies train their employees more efficiently through on-the-job training, resources and coaching.

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AlterisGroup is located in Southfield, MI – creating learning and marketing solutions that engage people and drive results.

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