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Contractor or Employee? Misclassification Issues

September 9, 2011

Labeling (and Contract Language) Isn’t Everything
The employment relationship is anything but simple. The decisions you have to make after you make the basic one to bring on new staff might be more than you bargained for. You may think that your organization has been smart to use independent contractors rather than hire additional employees. But are you sure those contractors are not really employees? If you are wrong, it could prove to be a very costly and messy affair.

You are invited to attend this Selected Insights Series presentation where employment law attorney Jacquelyn Schulte will discuss the legal requirements of a true independent contractor relationship. The focus of her presentation will include the following:

1.    Cases that have been in the forefront lately due to contractor misclassification/mishandling issues

2.    Laws that would impact this relationship

3.    Co-employment and its associated headaches

4.    HR Best practices to keep employer liability low

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