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Data Driven Decisions: Big Advantages for Small Businesses

July 18, 2022

Every marketer knows buyer journeys – how consumers are informed of products or services and make purchase decisions – are evolving. An element of that evolution is the growth of how consumers are spending time with video as streaming as a source of entertainment and information grows in adoption.

But let’s see what the data says…

Effectv’s latest TV Viewership Report (TVR) combines Comcast aggregated viewership data with the results of more than 20,000 Effectv advertising campaigns that spanned linear TV and streaming. Among the most interesting findings?

  • Despite the plethora of alternatives, from smartphones to tablets, more than three-quarters of streaming content is consumed via a household’s primary TV.
  • With the right mix, streaming can enhance and not cannibalize the reach and frequency of TV ads.

Business decision-makers must align advertising and marketing as closely as possible to the journeys their consumers are taking from awareness to action. To be successful, advertisers require data to make sure their strategies are mitigating consumers’ changing purchase behaviors and TV viewing habits. Accurate, comprehensive, focused and actionable data can enable effective, data-driven decisions about advertising budgets, campaigns, and content.

Ad exposure data can also help your business evaluate how effectively your campaigns reach the audiences you want to reach. Comprehensive, flexible reporting of this data can deliver insights into audience reach and frequency and help you identify opportunities to improve future campaigns.

Not just for larger enterprises anymore

For many years, data-driven decisions required access to robust data and analytics tools that could be inaccessible to all but the largest enterprises. Fortunately, data insights and analytics solutions are also evolving in ways that make them available and usable by small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) pursuing growth.

Insights based on relevant data and focused analysis enables companies of almost any size to create advertising that is tailored and fine-tuned to reach the audiences that matter most for them. Whether your business is focused on specific affinities, geographies, or demographic groups, or interested in specific content preferences or viewership trends, the right partner can provide you with the actionable data you need to optimize your advertising decisions and investments.

SMBs now have access to information and tools that enable more effective data-driven decisions. Those decisions can help your business reach your desired audiences more effectively and align more closely with your buyers and their journeys, even as those journeys and how your buyers pursue them continue to evolve. To learn more, explore the services Effectv offers SMBs.

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