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Emerging tech trends business leaders should be monitoring

March 1, 2018

Article courtesy of Gordon Advisors, P.C.
Technology is changing at a rapid pace. From artificial intelligence to augmented reality, the technologies available to today’s business owners are nothing short of astounding. Understanding what is on the technological horizon is crucial if you want to get out ahead of tomorrow’s tech trends. If you’re a business leader who wants to stay informed (and potentially get ahead of your competitors), following are a few emerging tech trends you should be monitoring. 

Voice Computing 
If you think voice computing means talking to the Amazon Alexa device in your kitchen, you couldn’t be more wrong. Voice computing involves everything from voice-enabled software for surgeons in the operating room to voice analytics for enterprise users. While tools like Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home are bringing voice computing to the masses, the intriguing future of voice technology awaits business leaders. In a not too far off future, companies will be able to use digital tools like voice-assisted augmented reality headsets to train workers or speak directly to consumers via their voice-enabled smartphones about existing company products. If you want to be prepared for a voice-enabled future, now is the time to start preparing your company. 

From smart contracts to outsourced workers, blockchain technology is poised to drastically disrupt the way business is conducted. If you only investigate the potential of one emerging technology trend, blockchain is likely your best bet. The sooner you immerse yourself in everything from decentralization to crypto-economics, the better prepared you will be to face the business disruption coming your way. 

Internet of Everything 
While you might already be aware of IoT (Internet of Things), it is the Internet of Everything that will transform the future of business. Whether it is machine-to-machine intelligent communications or sensor-enabled devices in your office automatically transmitting data to your cloud servers, the future is most definitely connected. The amount of data that will be produced and accessible when everything around you is internet-enabled is staggering. If you want a peek at an IoE future, dive into Cisco’s research ( You’ll be amazed at the ramifications of IoE you might have never considered. 

If you monitor only a few emerging tech trends, these three are probably your best bet. The impact they will have on the future of business is impressive. Business leaders who understand how the future will be disrupted by these emerging tech trends will be better prepared than their competitors who don’t realize just how quickly their business world is about to change. 

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