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ERC Success Story: Flaherty Electro-Mechanical Products, Inc.

September 5, 2023

“I contacted CLRA Group and they explained to me the rules for qualifying for the Employee Retention Tax Credit. They then emailed me a list of all the information I would need to see if we qualified for the ERC. The information required was easy to put together in just one day. The group reviewed the information and then got back to me with a few questions to finalize the determination of whether or not we qualified.

The entire inquiry took less than a week to complete and it was determined that we did qualify. I was told by my accountant that we did not qualify for the ERC. Even if you were told you wouldn’t qualify you should definitely contact SBAM to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.”

Dirk Lockwood, Owner
ERC Total Amount: $26,000


The Employee Retention Credit was approved under the CARES Act for employers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as an inducement to keep their employees on the payroll and off of unemployment compensation.

It’s not too late. SBAM’s approved partner vendors can help you with the application process and get you your refund.  Even if you’ve been told that your company doesn’t qualify, let us make absolutely sure you aren’t entitled to a tax credit.

Please note that you must be a SBAM Basic level member or higher to participate in the SBAM ERC program.  Please click here to review your membership options.

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