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Employee Wellbeing a Top Priority for Businesses

February 21, 2021

By Jason Rowe, courtesy of SBAM Approved Partner ASE

Corporate wellness, while always an important part of the workplace experience, has recently become crucial to maintaining high employee morale. Nearly a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more employees are counting on wellness programs to help them cope with the everyday stresses that life offers, and, in turn, more and more organizations are stepping up to the plate.

The 2021 Global Human Capital Trends report, published by Deloitte Insights, explores how many organizations are making the shift from survive to thrive. One of the spotlighted trends? Wellbeing. According to the study, wellbeing had been a rising concern even prior to the pandemic but rose to a whole new level of importance as organizations were forced to adapt to a new reality that allowed for employees to remain safe and healthy.

Many corporate wellness options exist for organizations today, including partnerships that can help boost employee engagement, increase job satisfaction, and reduce healthcare costs. ASE has recently partnered with BurnAlong, a corporate wellness platform that features thousands of on-demand and live streaming classes covering fitness, mental health, and financial wellness. Members of ASE can enjoy 5% off the corporate subscription price to help increase wellness offerings for your organization.  We’ve also partnered with Applied Fitness Solutions (AFS), a Michigan-based commercial fitness and wellness company that offers various wellness services. ASE members can save 10% with AFS.

With so many wellness programs available today, organizations are able to easily provide help for employees when they need it most. In 2021, don’t just survive. THRIVE.

Additional ASE Resources

Webinar – A Cost-Conscious Approach to Creating a Culture of Wellness: This webinar will show how, contrary to popular belief, wellness programs don’t have to be costly and cumbersome. Hosted by Applied Fitness Solutions (AFS), the webinar will outline a simple, evidence-based framework for concepting, designing, and implementing your own self-directed, internal corporate wellness program. March 4, 2021 at 10:00 a.m.  Register here.

Wellness Resources and Partnerships: Visit the ASE Wellness Resources page for curated resources helpful in establishing or enhancing your workplace wellness program.  This page also includes information on our wellness partners, BurnAlong and Applied Fitness Solutions – both offering ASE member discounts.

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