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Enhance Your Business with Outdoor Protective Lighting

April 12, 2022

Courtesy of DTE Energy

Outdoor Protective Lighting provides maintenance-free exterior lighting service to parking lots, site entrances, street lights and more. The service delivers strong and lasting benefits, and DTE makes it simple and affordable.

Keep Your Property Well-lit and Welcoming

Improve the safety and security of your business while providing a welcoming, well-lit atmosphere to customers.

Increase Your Business Revenue

Outdoor protective lighting guides customers to your door and more revenue to your balance sheet. In addition to enhancing the appeal of your property, lighting creates a welcome atmosphere that attracts the visitors you seek.

Create a Safer, More Secure Environment

When your business is well lit your employees, customers and visitors are safer and your assets are more secure. Outdoor protective lighting repels unwanted trespassers and potential criminals. Not only does lighting your property increase safety for you and your employees, it could also help attract customers.

Whether you need a single light or hundreds of lights, DTE can deliver a custom solution tailored to your unique business needs. 

Get in touch with Chad Huson to learn more about this opportunity!

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