Webinar: Biden Tax Bill…. What If

Participate to understand the Good, Bad and Ugly of the Biden Tax and Spending Plan.  There are several levels of effects.  Some are direct to a business or individual, some change intrafamily transactions  and others change portfolio valuations and investing. Register here! Panelists are: Bob Weins, JD, CPA, Owner, Insights 3 Leon LeBrecque, JD, CPA, […]

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

It is not a question of “if” your company will be subjected to a cyber-attack, but more of a question of “when.”  And with the cost of responding to a cyber-attack now averaging almost $4 million, small businesses need to ensure they are prepared and ready to respond. During this webinar, Brooks Kushman attorneys will […]

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets are often among a company’s most valuable intellectual property assets, yet their protection commonly receives less attention than other facets of an IP portfolio. Neglecting to properly secure trade secrets and failing to regularly review such measures are dangerous oversights. To avoid the inadvertent loss of valuable trade secret protection, a general understanding […]