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Michigan Business COVID Liability Protection Legislation Briefing

Many of the impacts of COVID-19 to our long-term economic recovery are still unknown. But there are important policy responses we urgently need to take to give Michigan the best chance at emerging from this pandemic in a position to grow. Fair, limited and well defined liability protections are high on that list. The legislature […]

Properly Maintaining your Facility HVAC During Covid-19

Health organizations worldwide widely believe Covid-19 poses a serious and increased threat to people indoors.  As schools and public buildings limit class and occupant sizes to address the risks of meeting indoors, a basic understanding of Covid-19 particles, their transmission, and the role of HVAC systems in schools and public buildings is important for decision […]

Work Share Employer Q&A

The Unemployment Insurance Agency is hosting a Work Share Employer Q&A to help employers answer questions regarding the FPUC (Federal Pandemic Unemployment  Compensation) benefit. Join here!