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Executive Order No. 2020-91 “Safeguards to protect Michigan’s workers from COVID-19”

May 19, 2020

As written in EO 2020-91 by Governor Whitmer:

In particular, businesses must do their part to protect their employees, their patrons, and their communities. Many businesses have already done so by implementing robust safeguards to prevent viral transmission. But we can and must do more: no one should feel unsafe at work. With this order, I am creating an enforceable set of workplace standards that apply to all businesses across the state. These standards will have the force and effect of agency rules and will be vigorously enforced by the agencies that oversee compliance with other health-and-safety rules. Any failure to abide by the rules will also constitute a failure to provide a workplace that is free from recognized hazards within the meaning of the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act, MCL 408.1011.

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