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Family Building and Women’s Health

November 21, 2023

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network are working with Maven to help you support women’s health initiatives. Check out the interview regarding these resources on SBAM’s recent Small Business Briefing.

Solution programs

  • Family Building: Supporting paths to parenthood
  • Maternity: Pregnancy through baby’s first year
  • Parenting & Pediatrics: One to 10 years of age
  • Menopause: Supporting members

Program options

The Family Building and Women’s Health Support Solution is a digital app that offers four programs: Family Building, Maternity, Parenting & Pediatrics, and Menopause. You can choose a combination of programs or provide a complete solution.

The Maven solution and its programs are not meant to change or replace your employees’ current medical benefits, providers or medical team. Instead, it provides additional, inclusive care options that support all backgrounds and lifestyles through each phase of family building and beyond.

Research has proven that Maven not only attracts but helps to retain employees.

In fact, studies show that employees who use the Maven app;

  • 90% have a return to work rate.¹
  • 20-28% lower neonatal intensive care unit admissions¹
  • 96% of employees are more loyal to employers¹
  • 45% of those in menopause take sick days due to menopausal symptoms²

Key features of the Maven app

When participants engage in the Family Building, Maternity, Parenting & Pediatrics, or Menopause programs, they get full access to:

Family Building*

  • This program supports different paths to parenthood that individuals or couples can choose to start or grow their family.

Preconception care

  • Supporting the overall health of people of reproductive age, this path helps to lessen the need for unnecessary fertility treatments and includes behavioral and nutrition support, as well as tips to become pregnant naturally.

Egg freezing

  • Designed for those who may want children in the future, this path guides employees through the risks and trade-offs of egg freezing. It also provides help choosing a clinic and emotional support along the way.

Intrauterine insemination and in vitro fertilization — IUI and IVF

  • This path provides personalized guidance from fertility awareness educators and providers who treat infertility. It includes fertility treatment options, recommendations to clinics with high success rates, behavioral health services and a community forum of people who are going through the same thing.

Adoption and surrogacy

This path helps employees understand the adoption and surrogacy process, including the legal and financial fees they might expect. It includes guidance from specialized coaches, recommendations to top-rated agencies and, if requested, access to behavioral health providers and specialists with expertise in LGBTQIA+ paths to parenthood.

Maven Wallet add-on

Growing a family through the adoption and surrogacy path can be costly. Maven Wallet is a tool that can only be paired with the purchase of the Family Building program. It is a great way for you to provide added support to employees who choose this program and path.

Here’s how it works. Eligible employees can be reimbursed for adoption and surrogacy expenses. The amount per contract is determined by the employer:

  • User submits expenses and receipts within the Maven app
  • Maven validates expenses against the plan design
  • Maven reimburses employees by direct deposit

Access starts as soon as the participant activates Maven Wallet and ends:

  • When participant reaches individual reimbursement maximum
  • 90 days after termination of agreement
  • When participant’s employment ends


This program offers participants support during each pregnancy and up to one year after each delivery or postpartum. It is available:

  • For prenatal and postnatal time periods
  • For high-risk pregnancy management
  • To parents with an infant in the NICU
  • To parents who’ve experienced pregnancy loss
  • To partners of employees who wish to participate
  • To prepare parents to return to work

Partner track

The support of non-birthing parents has been shown to improve birth outcomes and child development.3 Maven offers a dedicated partner track for non-birthing parents throughout the pregnancy and one year postpartum. This experience helps the partner better understand the needs of the birthing parent throughout the pregnancy, delivery and postpartum stages.

Like the birthing parent, partners can enroll in Maven at any point during the pregnancy and their program will end three months after the baby is born.

Parenting & Pediatrics

Meant to improve behavioral and clinical outcomes, this program supports parents raising one or more kids ages one to 10 and includes:

Virtual access to pediatric providers, including developmental psychologists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists and special needs advocates:

Consulting and tools to navigate childcare options

Behavioral health support and career coaching to ease anxieties of parenting

Consulting and tools to navigate childcare options

Participants will also get daily tips and information specific to each stage of a child’s life, including health, developmental and behavioral topics within:


  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Teething
  • Sleep challenges


  • Potty talk
  • Separation anxiety
  • Race consciousness
  • Creating house rules

 Your family

  • Parenting as a team
  • Being more playful
  • LGBTQIA+ parents
  • Working-parent guilt


When a person’s menstrual cycle ends, they’ll go into what’s called menopause. When this happens, they’ll experience hormonal shifts that can cause physical and mental changes.

Maven’s Menopause support program provides holistic and specialized support to those experiencing the symptoms of both menopause and early menopause. It gives your employees access to expert advice, recommendations to specialists, educational resources and an online community of others walking similar paths.

Support includes:

  • Early identification of menopausal symptoms and treatment guidance
  • Virtual coaching and second opinions from specialists when you need it
  • Dedicated mental health support throughout the menopausal journey
  • Guided education, personalized to each member’s needs
  • In-app communities to connect with others in the same stage of life

Complete digital experience:

  • Virtual access to clinical coaches who can address your employees’ needs
  • Educational materials available on the member dashboard and easily searchable
  • Drop-in groups available to connect with others experiencing similar symptoms
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