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Future-proof your business with the help of your customers

October 11, 2019

Future-proofing your business is one of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs. Often, the best advice on what today’s business needs to look like tomorrow will come from your customers.

Michael Rogers talks with Dave Moore, president of VP Demand Creation Services, founded 50 years ago in Traverse City.

“It takes a bit of an ego check to say, you know, guys, I really don’t know what this is going to look like in five years, or what this market is going to look like in five years,” says Dave Moore, president of VP Demand Creation Services in Traverse City. “We need to be proactive enough and humble enough to ask our clients, what do you need in five years? Because missing the mark is a very risky proposition. And going straight to our clients and asking them for the information, sitting them down, having a third party request that information again, maybe I think for a lot of people that might take an ego check to assume that you don’t know what your customers want next.”

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