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Going Green – Camshaft Machine, Jackson, MI – Removes 421 Metric Tons of CO2 and saves over $67,000.00 Annually

January 26, 2022

(January 2022) – Camshaft Machine Company, LLC, in Jackson, Michigan – Energy Design Engineers is pleased to announce the completion of a Smart LED Lighting project that encompassed offices, plant, and exterior lighting. Camshaft Machine, a leading manufacturer of internal combustion engine and fuel system camshafts for automobiles, trucks, heavy equipment, and stationary engines was seeking to reduce energy waste, reduce their carbon footprint and operating costs. Camshaft Machine accomplished all three of their goals with their 2021 Lighting project.

By replacing their legacy fluorescent lighting with Smart LED Lighting and adding Networked Lighting Controls, Camshaft Machine not only reduced their lighting energy load by changing to LED by 40%, but they also saved an additional 40% by implementing Network Lighting Controls to their LED lights. The project was enhanced by Consumers Energy incentives, where Network Lighting Controls added an additional $28,000.00 of incentive money to the project.

Energy Design Engineers projects that Camshaft Machine will save over 600,000-kilowatt-hours (kWh) annually, financially over $67,000.00 in savings annually, all while improving the light levels by 18%. The life expectancy of a commercial high bay LED lighting system is 50,000-100,000 hours. The life expectancy of Camshaft’s new Network Lighting Controls with LED (Smart LED) is well over 250,000 hours, more than doubling that of an LED fixture only solution.

The environmental impact of this project is significant. According to an EPA, the amount of power Camshaft Machine is removing off the electrical grid is equivalent to the carbon sequestered each year by 549 acres of trees, saving 47,333 gallons of gasoline annually, or annually removing over 421 Metric Tons of CO2 from their local environment.

“The installation of Smart LED lighting should serve as a blueprint for other companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint, reduce operating costs and improve the quality of their work environment. We would also like to thank Consumers Energy for their financial assistance with the project utilizing their incentive program” states Mark Wiley– President of Energy Design Engineers.

About Camshaft Machine, Inc.

Camshaft Machine Company manufactures internal combustion engine and fuel system camshafts for use in automobiles, trucks, heavy equipment, and stationary engines. Supplying both completely finished and semi-finished camshaft cores (UGL) that are ready for customer-specific lobe grinds. Employing state-of-the-art processes, Camshaft Machine and its highly skilled and dedicated workforce focuses on superior quality and on-time delivery forging strong relationships with its customers. The Company serves three principal markets: automotive original equipment, traditional aftermarket, and performance aftermarket.

About Energy Design Engineers

Located in Clarkston, Michigan, and serving the Midwest since 2008, Energy Design Engineers is a leader in energy waste reduction for the manufacturing, auto, industrial, and warehouse sectors. Energy Design Engineers works to reduce energy waste in the following areas: Compressed Air, Lighting, HVAC, Occupancy Based Load Control, Solar Installation, Demand Charge Reduction, Power Factor Correction, and Building Control Systems. Learn more at

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