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Governor Signs Executive Order Prohibiting Gatherings of 250 People or More

March 13, 2020

The Governor today ordered that any event or large assemblage of 250 people or more must be canceled or postponed, through the signing of Executive Order 2020-5. The EO begins Friday, March 13th at 5:00pm and will last through Sunday, April 5th at 5:00pm.

What does this mean for small business? There are some exceptions, for industrial or manufacturing work, mass transit and the purchasing of consumer goods and groceries.

We asked for and received clarity from the Governor’s office that this applies to single room or auditorium settings only. So for example, it DOES NOT apply to office buildings or other places of business that hold 250 people or more in different rooms or on different floors. However, it would apply to event spaces, places of worship, theaters, museums, and other large gathering spaces. 

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