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Growing firms seek part-time execs

September 22, 2011

The Detroit News reports on Sept. 17 that high-level help is in demand at midsize companies that can’t afford full-time pay. Excerpt:

Midsize companies, targeted by Michigan officials as the engine for future economic growth and job creation, are reporting a greater demand for part-time high-level executives as the economy recovers.

The need for part-time help in the corporate suites of growing Michigan companies is so pressing that the Small Business Association of Michigan recommended to Gov. Rick Snyder in a white paper that the state create a third-party system — either state-run or private — to connect businesses with experienced executives, said SBAM President Rob Fowler. Companies and executive services have difficulty finding each other, and many companies don’t even know that part-time services exist, he said.

“If they can buy it in pieces, it would be more valuable to them than if they made the full leap,” Fowler said.

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