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Growing Showtime Events expands staff by 50 percent, looks for larger location

May 24, 2012

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If anyone wants proof the fun is on the rise in the Lansing area and throughout Michigan, one only needs to looks as far as the growing Lansing office of Showtime Events. The local branch of the events company that also operates in Florida and North Caroline opened in 2007 without a permanent location and has now grown into 2,000-square foot facility with a growing staff – and the growth is set to continue.
“We offer a unique product,” says Showtime Events Lansing Manager Jason Wood. “We give our clients a great product for a great price. When we were so new the biggest challenge was gaining trust. Once we gained that trust, it was game on.”
Showtime Events in Lansing recently added two new permanent staff members, increasing their previous numbers by 50 percent. The company also employs 10 part time employees to staff events, as well as interns. Their current 2,000 square foot location on Brookside Drive is certainly a jump from their original, remote operations, but they’re already looking to grow again.
“We’re now looking for a 6,000 square foot building,” says Wood. “We’re hoping to move maybe this summer.”
Wood attributes the growth of Showtime Events’ Lansing office to the company’s great customer service and high quality events, and also the recovering economy.
“We feel that the Michigan market is coming back really strong,” Wood says. “We’re one of the first things to be cut out of budgets, but now people are able to start spending more on their events.”

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