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“Growing Your Business Online” Google Workshop.

November 2, 2012

Tune in at 10am, 3pm or 8pm on Michigan Business Network!

On today’s show, Michael Rogers talks with Eric Frederick of Connect Michigan talks about the Nov. 7 “Growing Your Business Online” Google Workshop; Dennis Sergent, managing director for Capital Quality and Innovation, previews their Nov. 13 Learning Lunch on “Having Difficult Conversations” and talks about the 2013 CQI Academy quality systems training for businesses;  George Zimmerman, vice president for Travel Michigan, has an update on how the summer and fall travel season has affected Michigan small businesses; John Carlos, executive director for business affairs for Greening, talks about his organization’s efforts to provide education and information on sustainability for small businesses; and Michael interviews Sudhakar Reddy, sustainability coordinator for the University of Michigan’s Office of Campus Sustainability.

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