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H1N1 May Lead to Back Door Approach to Mandatory Paid Sick Leave

December 3, 2009

Bills were introduced earlier in the year that would mandate that
businesses provide seven days of paid sick leave for their employees. 
To date those bills have not been given serious consideration, as
Congress has dealt with more pressing issues.  However, the outbreak of
the H1N1 flu has provided proponents of mandatory paid sick leave an
opportunity to pursue the legislation in a different manner.

Proposals in both the House and Senate are surfacing that would require
employers to provide paid sick leave to employees that contract the
H1N1 flu.

The House bill would provide up to 5 days of leave and would only apply
if the employer told them to stay away from work.  The Senate bill
would provide up to seven days and the need for sick leave would be at
the employee’s discretion.  Both bills would exempt businesses with
under 15 employees.

SBAM and our national affiliate the National Small Business Association
oppose any efforts to require businesses to provide paid sick leave. 
We will keep you posted on the progress of these bills.

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