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Hey Alexa, what’s happening in Lansing?

July 7, 2022

A look back on our advocacy efforts throughout the month of June

Fiscal Year 2023 Budget 

The Legislature and Governor negotiated a bi-partisan budget on time for the Fiscal Year 2023. This budget sits at $76 Billion, the largest budget in history. $7 Billion of that is left on the balance sheet as the Legislature and Governor continue to negotiate a tax cut. Tax relief has been a major priority for SBAM, and we look forward to continuing those conversations through the summer. Other SBAM wins include: 

  • $6B for roads and infrastructure
  • $2.65B to reduce public debt 
  • $180M for the state’s rainy-day fund 
  • Increases for our per pupil foundation allowance, bringing the total to $9,150/student 
  • $312M for special education 
  • $575M for teacher recruitment and retention programs 
  • 55M for the Michigan Reconnect Program, a last dollar tuition scholarship allowing displaced workers to earn a degree or certificate at a local community college  
  • 9.2M for a Center for Adult Success, to bolster completion rates at our community colleges and universities  
  • 55M for the Going Pro Talent Fund 
  • Universities and community colleges receiving a 5% increase 
  • 2.5M for the Tri-Share program that splits the cost of child care between employee, employer and the state 

SBAM PAC Board makes Endorsements 

SBAM released a second round of endorsements, bringing us to a total of 82 candidates endorsed for the 2022 election. You can see a complete list of candidates here.  

We will continue our endorsement process throughout the year as we get closer to the general election. If you are interested in contributing to our PAC, please visit our website.  

Going Pro Talent Fund  

SBAM staff and members have participated in a workgroup to update the Going Pro Talent Fund application process. Since 2011, the Going Pro Talent Fund has been a proven talent program that meets real time employer demand and allows employees to gain new, valuable skills in their industry. Ensuring the application process is small business friendly is top of mind, and we look forward to continuing to work with the Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity to make the program better.  

Child Care Legislation Signed into Law 

This month, Governor Whitmer signed into law a bill package aimed at the child care industry. This legislation will help provide much needed regulatory reforms to make it easier to operate a child care business. They will also help increase the supply of child care providers and allow more small businesses owners to successfully operate a child care facility. SBAM worked closely with several legislators and the Governor’s Office for many months, and are thrilled to see this legislation become law.  

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