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How to Hire a Temporary Employee

April 12, 2023

Courtesy of SBAM approved partner AHOLA HR Solutions | Payroll

Say you have an employee who is going on a leave of absence and you will need to hire a temporary employee to cover those duties. What do you need to know about hiring a temporary employee?

The process for hiring a temporary employee is like hiring regular employees. You will post the position, go through a selection process, ensure all necessary new hire paperwork is completed, and onboard the temporary employee. Just be sure you’re clear in the job posting and during the interviews that the position is temporary. If you know the length of the assignment, you should mention it.

Of course, there’s also the option of using an agency to assist you with the process. There would be a cost, but they’d likely be able to find you a temporary employee faster than you would using your usual process. They’d also handle most of the typical employment-related paperwork.

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Content provided by Ahola’s HR Support Center. This Q&A does not constitute legal advice and does not address state or local law.

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