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I am not coming into the office today

July 20, 2015

By Daniel Cherrin, North Coast Strategies

Work as we know it has changed.  Personally, I don’t need an office. Frankly, I don’t even need a file cabinet or even a coffee maker. I just need a phone or my iPad, my laptop (which the phone or iPad can substitute for) and a connection to Wi-Fi. 

If I can’t find one of 20,000 co-working spaces or better yet, a seat at Starbucks with a plug, I can always work from my home or hotel room. I can work for you from anywhere in the world at any time of day and the work will get done 

As employers we should embrace the new worker and create new policies from working from home, using technology outside the office and dealing with contractors, freelancers and other 1099’s.

While today’s workforce seeks flexibility, that flexibility comes at a price. Although it may seem like we are not working, we are, all day, on weekends, even on holidays, because I know, as my employer, consultant or colleague, we rely on each other and should be expected to return messages within a reasonable time, even if I am canoeing, fishing or spending the day with my daughter and her class on a field trip. 

So embrace the freelance economy. Today, business is about accomplishing a common goal.  We no longer ask people, “Who are we working for? as much as we are asking, “What are you working on?”  Today’s economy is project-based.  We work on something, bring it to its conclusion and focus on the next endeavor. 

Today’s projects require fresh ideas and new approaches to solving problems. Freelancers, solo-preneurs and consultants are loyal and can bring a unique perspective to your company. At the same time, they are there for specific project or specific task and will not being afraid to speak up and give their professional opinion – that is what you are hiring them for. They are also doing what they love and that comes out on the results they achieve. So embrace the evolving workforce and join the freelance economy so that you don’t have to come to the office today. 

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