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Improve your team through an individualized approach to leadership

February 2, 2023

Courtesy of SBAM Approved Partner, Davenport University

Adapting leadership styles to individual team members’ needs, skill sets, strengths and weaknesses is at the heart of Situational Leadership. In fact, using Situational Leadership tactics improves collaboration, and statistics show that 75% of employees rate collaboration as “very important”; 86% of executives and employees also say that lack of collaboration accounts for failures in the workforce.

Leaders who learn the ability to implement a coaching, supporting and delegating approach often help new employees grow into seasoned and effective employees — which, in turn, leads to an overall more successful team. Your company has the opportunity to teach your employees valuable leadership skills through Davenport’s IPEx professional development courses.​​​​​ SBAM members receive special discounts:

  • 20% discount on tuition rates for most undergraduate and graduate degree programs.
  • 20% tuition discount for spouses and dependents up to age 29.
  • 20% discount on professional development workshops, certificate program and other non-credit training opportunities.
  • No application fee

Visit for information our on partnership and how to enroll. Contact with any questions.

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