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The Small Business Weekly Podcast featuring Allison Beers

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In-Person Business Events Roar Back

November 17, 2023

On today’s SBAM Weekly Podcast, Michael Rogers talks with Allison Beers, the owner of Events North in Traverse City and a member of the Small Business Association of Michigan’s board of directors. “People are back meeting in person, so it’s great that people are traveling again, they’re less reluctant to go to airports and travel to get to the meetings,” Beers says. “Again, that human connection is absolutely irreplaceable. When people share experiences together, whether it’s a meeting, hearing a speaker, or having time to network, you can’t replace that over Zoom, you can’t replace that over a quick phone call or a typed memo. So that part has been great, getting our clients to be able to communicate what they want to say to their attendees.”

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