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Innovative Flexibility Helps this Veteran Networker Adjust to Social Distancing

May 4, 2020

An expert in the art of in-person networking is changing with the times and pivoting his small business toward producing live virtual events. “I built my entire career with handshakes and just being in the community and attending events and supporting various causes and events, so this new world of COVID-19 is something that is a very big challenge,” says Derek Dickow, the founder and president of Metro Detroit-based public and political relations firm Steward Media. “So, in a business mindset, I’m putting on my entrepreneurial hat and we decided very quickly to pivot instead of panic.” Learn more about Dickow’s new business strategy when he talks with Michael Rogers on SBAM’s Weekly Podcast.

The Small Business Association of Michigan’s weekly podcast presents a dynamic audio interview from a top-notch expert on entrepreneurial success. Hear great tips and advice on how to be a more effective small business owner. Get a new episode every week by subscribing via iTunes.  

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