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Intern in Michigan portal matches small businesses with qualified interns

October 3, 2013

Intern in Michigan is a free resource that connects Michigan’s small businesses with qualified internship candidates using a revolutionary matching algorithm.

Intern in Michigan has made more than 150,000 matches and has over 23,000 registered student users. The website helps address the challenges small businesses face with limited resources to connect to young talent. Interns add capacity, skill sets and a fresh perspective to your company.

According to the 2013 NACE Internship & Co-op survey, companies who hired interns or co-ops from their own internship programs retained 89 percent of these hires after one year and 73 percent after five years. Talent retention greatly reduces hiring costs and are great way to groom future leadership through real-world experience, contributing to the talent pipeline and combating the brain-drain.

Post your opportunity on today to get instantly matched with candidates meeting your company’s needs.

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