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Intuition in the Workplace: Tapping Into Better Decision-making

March 8, 2024

We all have intuition. It is abundant, strong, and trustworthy for everyone. But how many of us are actually, consciously, tapping into this human ability? Our bodies are gaining new intuitive information all the time; however, our subconscious filters out most of this as it can be too much for our conscious brains to process at one time.

So, what is Intuition?

It is what helps us make the right choice when we don’t have any facts or previous information. An article in Fast Company says “Intuition often presents itself as a thought you haven’t had before. It often speaks to you repetitively, especially when it is strongly trying to get your attention” (Vozza, 2024).

It can also be looked at as another form of intelligence. Intuition is a huge component of a person’s EI or Emotional intelligence. It allows them to be in tune with other people’s emotions and perceptive even when they do not know the full situation. Your intuition will hint at what people’s body language is saying and not just what they might say verbally. Simply put, intuition occurs when your conscious mind finally learns something that your subconscious mind already knew.

The definition of intuition is not as important as identifying and tuning into it. That is how you will make better, more informed decisions. There are many aspects of your experiences that your body learns even when your mind does not. Your intuition will then present this as new information to your conscious mind in the future. That is why your intuition is such a powerful tool for decision making; it allows you to make more informed decisions by pulling from your subconscious experience without needing the facts and research.

“People usually experience true intuition when they are under severe time pressure or in a situation of information overload or acute danger, where conscious analysis of the situation may be difficult or impossible” (Vozza, 2024). This leads to the importance of practicing and improving the way you use your intuition, so you are prepared under stress. You can start using intuition to make better decisions by spending some time away from the problem and allowing the mind to wander to something unrelated. During this time, we let the unconscious brain crunch the data for us. Later, we can revisit the situation and make an informed decision as we have let the subconscious aid by tuning into our intuition. This is where the phrase “sleep on it” comes from.

How else can we improve our intuition as a skill?

As mentioned earlier, intuition and emotional intelligence have a similar relationship. So, a suitable place to start is by increasing your Emotional Intelligence. There are tons of resources on this. Everything from webinars and live training classes to mentorship and self-studies. We can also look at the school of thought referred to in Fast Company’s article, that repetition and patterns are our intuition and identifying these will increase our awareness of what it’s trying to tell us. “Looking for repetition is a powerful way to acknowledge when something is attempting to be communicated to you because your intuition is genius” (Vozza, 2024). The body’s five senses will typically offer intuitive information as well as other physiological signs. Try tuning into what your body is feeling, seeing, tasting, smelling, and hearing. Cues like body temperature, heart rate, and even sweaty palms can all be intuition telling your mind to pay attention. Experts also recommend meditation, analyzing your dreams, reading books on intuition, and lastly releasing your resistance to listening to your intuition. In summary, your intuition is an incredible human ability that can have a stronger presence in your life and aid you if you let it.


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By Lauren Cromie, courtesy of SBAM-approved partner, ASE.

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