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Just for fun — Summertime biz quiz

August 13, 2013

It is time for the 4th annual Summertime Biz Quiz. This year, it’s the TV edition!

1. Who was the first winner ever of “The Apprentice”?
A. Jeff Gilooly
B. Bill Rancic
C. Dennis Rodman
D. Jill Eickenberry

2. What was the name of the law firm in L.A. Law?
A. McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney & Kuzak
B. Dooey, Cheetum, & Howe
C. Bannister, Baxter, Benning, Boyd, and Byfield
D. Ditcher, Quick & Hyde

3. In “The Office” what was the motto of The Michael Scott Paper Company?
A. “The best a man can get”
B. “We do only one thing: Paper and toner cartridges”
C.  “Committed to offering primo service, primo paper, at cheapo prices”
D. The “Un-Dunder Mifflin”

4. Which one of these people was a shark on “Shark Tank”?
A. Jerry Seinfeld
B. Chris Rock
C. Sarah Silverman
D. Jeff Foxworthy

5. Who shot JR?
A. Sue Ellen
B. Dusty Farlow
C. Dusty Baker
D. Kristin Shepard

6. Why did the Soup Nazi in “Seinfeld” ban Elaine from buying soup?
A. She compared him to Al Pacino – “Hoo yah!”
B. She compared him to Adolph Hitler
C. She ordered Gazpacho
D. She asked for a taste

7. Where was Hugo Hurley (“Lost”) working when he won the lottery with the numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42) netting him $156 million?
B. An insane asylum
C. Mr. Cluck’s Chicken
D. A mortuary

8. In “I Love Lucy”, what was the name of the club that Ricky Ricardo owned?
A. The Copacabana
B. The Tropicana
C. The Coconut Grove
D. The Grove

9. On The Simpsons, who is most often found in Moe’s Tavern with Homer and Moe?
A. Lenny, Squiggy, and Abu
B. Lenny, Carl, and Barney
C. Smithers, Duffman, and Krusty
D. Itchy, Scratchy, and Ralph Wiggum

10. Who owned the City of Angels Detective Agency in “Moonlighting”?
A. Madelyn Stowe as Maddie Hayes
B. Cybil Shepard as Maddie Hayes
C. Linda Evans as Maddie Hayes
D. Cheryl Tiegs as Maddie Hayes

11. Which one of these was NOT a product commercial on SNL?
A. Almost Pizza: Pizza that is molecularly unstable and shatters like glass
B. Big Red: A toy Viking figure that spins around, spraying red liquid from the horns of the helmet
C. Colonel Belmont’s Old Fashioned Horse Glue
D. Boomer Edition iPhone: An oversized iPhone for old people who could not see the small screen

12. What was Tony Soprano’s legitimate, “front” business?
A. Waste management
B. Construction
C. A Bar
D. A fast food restaurant

13. Which one of these was NOT a product invented by Kramer on Seinfeld?
A. The Mansierre, and a coffee table book about coffee tables
B. A periscope for cars, and an oil tanker bladder system
C. A make your own pie pizza place, and a cologne that smells like the beach
D. All of the above were invented by Cosmo

14. What did Jim Cramer do before going into investing and then hosting “Mad Money”?
A. He was a baseball player who was drafted intro the minors before blowing out his knee
B. He was president of the Harvard Crimson and then became a reporter
C. He was president of UCLA undergrads and got a masters in public policy
D. He dropped out of junior college and started day trading on his own

15. Which of the following is NOT a business or nonprofit owned by Late Show host David Letterman:
A. The Late Show Foundation
B. Worldwide Pants
C. Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing
D. American Foundation for Courtesy and Grooming

ANSWERS: 1 – B, 2- A, 3 – C, 4 – D, 5 – D, 6 – A, 7 – C, 8 – B, 9 – B, 10 – B, 11 – D, 12 – A, 13 – D, 14 – B, 15 – A

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