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Leadership lessons from a lawmaker and small business owner

January 6, 2020

Before becoming a small business owner, Jeff Padden, chairman of the board of directors of Public Policy Associates in Lansing, had a distinguished career in the state legislature. “All of one’s experiences informs their style and capabilities as a business leader and certainly my ten years in the Michigan House of Representatives contributed in a very major way,” he says. “I entered the House of Representatives when I was 23 years old and served until I was 33 years old. It was the best graduate education a college dropout could ever have. I eventually went back to school after leaving the legislature and earned that bachelors and masters degree. But that ten years in the legislature exposed me to a wide range of public policy issues and [I learned more about] the complexities of finding meaningful resolutions to disagreements, disputes and controversies than I could ever have acquired anywhere else.”

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