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Legislative Round-Up for Aug. 20

August 20, 2010

SBAM Announces 2010 General Election Endorsements

Now that the primary elections are over, the Small Biz PAC (Political Action Committee) has made additional endorsements for the 2010 election cycle. The PAC committee is made up of SBAM members and staff who review surveys sent to each of the candidates, consult voting records, conduct personal interviews and consider other relevant criteria in determining which candidates will best serve the interests of small business.

The committee has made endorsements in 62 of the 110 House seats and 26 of the 38 Senate seats.

Throughout the summer we will continue to evaluate the 2010 elections and we may announce further endorsements.

If you do not know your House and Senate district numbers please visit our Legislative Action Center and type in your zip code and address.

Candidates Appreciate and Utilize SBAM Endorsement

You may wonder how important the SBAM endorsement is to the candidates who are running for office. Many candidates seek our endorsement and most claim to be supportive of small business issues.

Numerous candidates throughout the state have thanked us for our endorsement and our “Stamp of Approval” both before and after the primary election. They feel that it is a valuable endorsement to have.

However, the proof is in how they utilize our endorsement. Many campaigns feature our endorsement on their campaign websites and in mailings. In many mailings we are among the few organizations whose endorsement is highlighted and whose logo is prominently displayed.

Further proof of the value of our endorsement is the fact they it was mentioned in at least one candidate’s radio ads.

So as you prepare for the November election look for the SBAM endorsement on candidates’ communications.

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