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Managers Struggling to Handle Employee Mental Health Concerns

March 17, 2023

By Heather Nezich, courtesy of SBAM-approved partner, ASE

The mental health crisis in the U.S. is not going away anytime soon, and managers are on the front lines of a rapidly evolving mental health crisis in the workplace often without the resources they need to support workers. That’s according to the findings of Lyra Health’s 2023 State of Workforce Mental Health Report. The third annual survey compiles responses from more than 2,500 employees and 250 employee benefits leaders.

Nearly 90 percent of employees surveyed faced at least one mental health challenge in the past year, and nearly 50% reported discussing their mental well-being at work. The survey showed that in most cases, that meant getting help from a manager to prioritize mental health.

The report reveals that two-thirds of supervisors feel their role has become more important and difficult since the pandemic began, while nearly half questioned whether they had the mental health resources and training to support team members. That concern may ultimately have an impact on leadership turnover, with one in three managers saying they’re actively looking to change employers over the next year.

“Managers are suffering burnout at an unprecedented rate as they struggle to support their teams’ well-being along with their own mental health needs,” said Dr. Connie Chen, chief operating officer, Lyra Health. “It is vital that organizations move quickly to make workforce mental health a priority. Key to that work is providing managers with training on how to notice and respond to mental health crises, along with resources to refer an employee to effective care when they need it.”

There is a resource gap. Lyra’s 2023 State of Workforce Mental Health report also uncovered a significant disconnect in perceptions of support between employers and their workforce. More than 70% of benefits leaders said their organizations have increased training and resources since the onset of the pandemic to help managers support employees’ mental health. By contrast, only half of managers or supervisors say their company has increased these types of resources. In addition, 40% of employees did not believe or were unsure if their manager and company leaders promote a psychologically safe workplace.

Key survey findings include:
  • 86% of employees have faced at least one mental health challenge in the past year; just one in three said they received mental health support in that time.
  • Nearly 50% of employees reported discussing mental health at work.
  • 40% of employees said they don’t believe or question whether leadership promotes a psychologically safe workplace.
  • 73% of benefits leaders believe their organizations have increased support for employee mental health, while only half of managers/supervisors agree their company has increased this type of support.
  • One in three managers are looking to change employers this year.

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We encourage you to share this information with your employees. Additional resources can be found on ASE’s Workplace Wellness Resources page.

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