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Workplace Posters, Handbooks, Pre-Employment Screening

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SBAM’s partner, American Society of Employers (ASE), is focused on the critical and ever-changing workforce environment so that small businesses can get the relevant information they need to be employers of choice and help meet their business objectives.

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It’s easy to directly ask a question to an ASE representative through SBAM’s “Ask a Question” web portal. A fact-based answer will be provided to you – completely free of charge.  You must be logged in as a Premium or VIP member to view and submit a question through the portal below.

Employee Handbooks

An employee handbook not only introduces your company and its employment and business philosophy to your employees, but is also an effective communication tool that provides information on company policies, procedures, and compensation programs.  An SBAM Premium or VIP member can get assistance reviewing or updating an existing document, or developing a complete, customized employee handbook.

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Pre-Employment Screening

SBAM members have access to an in-depth reference check and background investigation service that can help eliminate the hidden dangers of hiring a new person.  Get reports for all of your employment candidates detailing past job performance, educational background, criminal history and driving record.

Let us get you the facts before you make a costly mistake by hiring the wrong person for the job.

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Workplace Posters

We make labor law compliance easy and affordable.  ASE has established a partnership with GovDocs, one of the largest providers of labor law posters in the country.  Labor law posters purchased through GovDocs ensure that you are in full compliance.

Through our relationship with ASE, SBAM members will receive a 15% discount rate on all poster purchases. Log in as a Premium or VIP member and order your poster below.

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Need Help With ERISA Compliance?

SBAM also offers ERISA Compliance through our partnership with Kushner & Company.
Many small businesses don’t think that the Department of Labor (DOL) will target them for an audit, but there has been a noticeable increase in the number of small and medium-sized businesses receiving audit notices regarding ERISA and the ACA.

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