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Mental Health Hits Productivity in the Workplace

December 14, 2023

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TELUS Health has released its monthly TELUS Mental Health Index, revealing that U.S. workers with diagnosed depression lose 51 working days in productivity per year. The October Index also found that 27% of workers say better support for their wellbeing is more important than a 10% increase in salary.

According to the Index, mental health and work-related stressors are linked to productivity loss at work. Approximately 19% of workers with a mental health score of 50 or lower experience a significantly higher productivity loss than workers with a mental health score of 90 or more.

The isolation score of workers improved nearly one point, yet it remains the second lowest mental health sub-score for the 18th consecutive month.  Workers reporting workplace conflict lose 42 working days in productivity per year. When asked about their most valued elements of health benefits, most workers in the U.S. prioritize medical coverage (72%), followed by medication (36%) and dental benefits (35%). More than 11% of workers value psychological services the most.  Workers under 40 are nearly three times more likely than workers over 50 to value psychological services most.

Source:  CCH 12/1/23


Courtesy of SBAM-approved partner, ASE.

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