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Michigan Clean Diesel Recovery and Reinvestment Project RFP

December 9, 2009

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Provide parts, delivery, and installation of new diesel engines, EPA-verified diesel emissions reduction technologies, and replacement equipment for (25) pre-selected pieces of equipment owned by four companies operating in southwest Detroit. Equipment includes short haul trucks, construction and marine equipment.

All procurement orders would be placed between December 30, 2009 and January 8, 2010. 

This is a Michigan Clean Diesel Recovery and Reinvestment Project involving federal stimulus funds that have been awarded through a competitive grant process to Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision, a non-profit community organization. The grant dictates an urgent timeline for implementation. 

Bid Selection:  A Procurement Committee consisting of company partners will be selecting the final awardees.

Bid Criteria:  Bid criteria will be released with the bids.  Points will be awarded for qualified Minority-Owned Businesses and Women-Owned Businesses.

Summary of Key Constraints
Vendors must accept payment terms including deposits of not more than 20-percent of the equipment costs at the time orders are placed between December 30, 2009 and January 8, 2010, and payment plans for balances through June 15 when paid in full.  A cost limit exists on this project based on the grant award. All costs and taxes for products and services must be included in bids. If any changes to orders are necessary, the vendor must provide written documentation of changes and equivalent products must be substituted at the same or better price.  Vendors are to ensure that no verified technologies will void any existing equipment warranties by providing statements to owners.  Vendors are to provide emissions reductions that will be achieved.  Vendors must provide instruction on use and maintenance of new equipment. Per federal requirements, all vendors must demonstrate adherence to Drug-Free Workplaces and must provide Prevailing Wages for all labor performed.

Contact information:
Simone Sagovac, Project Manager, Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision, (313) 842-1961

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