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MSHDA Statewide Housing Plan Update & Meeting Dates

June 21, 2023

Continuing our commitment to keeping you connected to the work happening with advancing Michigan’s first Statewide Housing Plan, we want to share some important updates provided by MSHDA.

MSHDA tasked Regional Housing Partnership entities to build an inclusive coalition that welcomes local units of government, nonprofits, developers, land banks, lenders, businesses, institutions of higher education, human service organizations, local health departments, grassroots organizations, regional established organizations, philanthropy, stakeholder residents and other entities that have an intersection with housing. Their next goal is to create action plans in support of the Plan by the end of August with public review in September.

To assist the RHPs in successfully creating and implementing their action plans, Michigan State University Extension is helping facilitate first meetings across the state with the 15 Regional Housing Partnerships, some starting as soon as June 20th and continuing over the next two months. These first meetings have limited capacity and are being held to initially identify members, discuss partner engagement, identify regional priorities, create work groups, and establish a steering committee to help guide their collective regional housing work. The meetings aim to build on the momentum of the kick-off meetings held in March and April. Future RHP meetings will focus on selecting and developing regional goals and strategies for the initial year of the plan.

To learn more about the action planning meetings taking place in your region, click here.

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