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Updated Form W-9: Key Changes

March 22, 2024

The updated Form W-9, released in March 2024, plays a crucial role in tax compliance and reporting by serving as a fundamental document for individuals and entities required to file information returns with the IRS. This form is essential for gathering precise taxpayer information, especially for reporting payments to contractors or vendors through Form 1099 at the end of the year. Ensuring accurate completion of the Form W-9 is vital to avoid potential complications. The recent updates to the Form W-9 aim to enhance clarity and accuracy in taxpayer information reporting.

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Notable changes include:
  1. Clarification of Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Requirement: The revised form stresses the importance of providing a correct TIN to prevent backup withholding on payments, emphasizing the significance of accurate taxpayer information.
  2. Addition of Legal Entity Box: A new box has been introduced to specify the type of legal entity, such as sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership, or LLC. This addition simplifies the identification process, ensuring precise categorization of taxpayer entities.
  3. Removal of Exempt Payee Code: The updated form no longer features an exempt payee code box, streamlining the form and eliminating potential confusion for taxpayers.
  4. Updated Instructions: The accompanying instructions have been revamped to offer more explicit guidance on accurately completing the form. This ensures taxpayers have clear directions to follow, reducing errors in the submission process.

By acquainting themselves with the modifications in the new Form W-9, taxpayers can effectively navigate its requirements, guaranteeing the correct completion and submission of this critical document for tax reporting purposes. Contact your Yeo & Yeo advisor if you have questions.


By Christine Porras, CPP, courtesy of Yeo & Yeo

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