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Netvantage Marketing grows staff by a third with unique e-commerce services

September 5, 2011

More often than not, when the Average Joe wants to find a restaurant, a plumber or any local business nowadays, he simply Googles it. That fact has made a company’s ability to be found via Google of utmost importance.

This truth was not lost on Adam Henige and Joe Ford when they decided to launch Netvantage Marketing in 2008. The results thus far, as the company approaches its third anniversary, have been a bit astounding.

“We grew 115 percent last year,” says Henige. “One of the reasons is that we don’t have a ton of competition. There are a lot of web designers, but not many businesses helping people get their name to come up on search engines.

“This is kind of a hot niche right now.”

So hot, that Henige and Ford have recently hired three additional workers, which increased their staff by nearly a third.

“We want to grow our staff to four or five more full time people in the next couple of years,” says Henige.

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