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New Epidemic Orders Issued

October 9, 2020

To reduce confusion following the Supreme Court decision, MDHHS issued new orders on October 9th, following existing executive orders as much as possible under the different law, to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19.

Here at SBAM we understand that people may challenge these rules. However, we think it is important for small businesses to understand what is expected and to be compliant.

Here’s an overview of the order.

Masks must be worn over nose and mouth in gatherings of two or more people, including stores, offices, schools and events. Businesses cannot admit people without masks, with few exceptions.

Capacity limits apply to indoor and outdoor gatherings, including business, social and recreational settings. They’re stricter inside.

Restaurants and bars must limit capacity for gatherings, and may only serve alcohol to parties who are seated, 6 feet apart, and stay separate.

Employees who are in isolation or quarantine because of COVID-19 exposure, symptoms or test results cannot go to work with others, or be required to go to work with others.

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