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New Forum topic: Can your small business take advantage of the 14 “Grand Challenges for the 21st Century”?

May 24, 2010

Contributed by Mark H. Clevey, MPA, Director of Entrepreneurship & Commercialization, Saginaw Valley State University, CBED

  • The 14 Grand Challenges are:
  • Make solar energy economical;
  • Provide energy from fusion;
  • Develop carbon sequestration methods;
  • Manage the nitrogen cycle;
  • Provide access to clean water;
  • Restore and improve urban infrastructure;
  • Advance health informatics;
  • Engineer better medicines;
  • Reverse-engineer the brain;
  • Prevent nuclear terror;
  • Secure cyberspace;
  • Enhance virtual reality;
  • Advance personalized learning;
  • Engineer the tools of scientific discovery.

    How will your small business take advantage of these “Grand Challenges”? Tell us in our Forum!

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