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New programs for SBAM members in 2022!

January 3, 2022

Employer Pooled Retirement Plan
Pooled Employer Plans (PEPs) solve for what SBAM understands small business owners dislike most about 401(k) programs including the time it takes to find the right program for their employees, the time it takes to properly administer the program and make sure they are meeting their fiduciary obligations and the cost of administrations and compliance. 

Get the same advantages as a much larger business.  A Pooled Plan is designed to increase efficiencies, reduce burdens on employers, manage costs more effectively, and help improve retirement outcomes for the employees. Outsourcing responsibilities can help reduce administrative and fiduciary burden for small businesses by: 

  • Providing added expertise—Small business can rely on professionals with specific knowledge and skills for plan administrative service and investment management. 
  • Helping save time—Business owners can free up valuable time to focus on building their business by delegating plan administration duties. 
  • Reducing risk—Employers can shift most of the risk to designated fiduciaries along with related plan fiduciary tasks. 
  • Reducing costs – In the plans we have quoted, most are saving money due to economies of scale. 

SBAM is taking advantage of the opportunities presented through the SECURE Act and related government guidance to make it easier for small businesses to manage an employer sponsored retirement plan. To learn more visit

Office Supplies, Furniture & Workspaces

Running an office isn’t easy, but buying your office supplies and office furniture should be. SBAM’s partners, DBI, Integrity Business Solutions & Office Express are your premiere providers for everything an office needs. The brands you know. The service you trust. Our partners offer more than 50,000 office products, many of which are recycled and recyclable, which can be ordered online, by phone, or by fax. 

  • Up to 60% off on over 200 Best Value Office Products
  • Large Selection of Breakroom and Coffee Supplies as well as Cleaning and Facility Supplies
  • Free Next Day Delivery – No Minimum Order – Nationwide Delivery Included
  • Easy Ordering Options
  • Local Dedicated Customer Service Representative
  • Analysis of Your Expenditures for Optimal Savings

To learn more about the savings offered in your area, visit

Credit, Debit, ACH and Check Processing
We’ve partnered with UpPayment to provide payment solutions for our small business members.  UpPayment provides best-in-class payment solutions designed to make your business more streamlined from top to bottom.

UpPayment’s secure payment processing solutions are powered by best-in-class CardConnect patented technology which means simple, secure and reliable payment processing.  With CardConnect, you can streamline the way you accept and manage transactions, all while reducing your processing fees with member-only rates.

Features to Love

  • Lower Processing Fees
  • Robust Payment Security
  • Powerful features like PCI-certified point-to-point encryption and patented tokenization secure cardholder data for the ultimate data breach protection
  • Omni-Channel Payment Acceptance

Whether you need to accept payments in-person, online or over the phone – CardConnect has you covered. Exclusive rates ensure you save between 10 and 40% on processing fees, and transparent pricing means you’re never left wondering what you’re paying for each month. To learn more, visit 

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