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New public campaign spotlights how business tax reform has benefited the state’s economy

April 24, 2014

Small Business for Michigan today launched a public information campaign designed to remind the state’s citizens that the overhaul of Michigan’s business tax code has allowed small businesses to thrive and create jobs. “This communications effort is designed to help counter the misinformation and outright lies that have been spread about the impact of business tax reform,” said Small Business for Michigan President Rob Fowler. “There has been a false narrative out there that big corporations got a $1.8 billion tax cut under Gov. Snyder. That’s simply not true – it was small businesses, mostly family-owned and community-centered, that were the beneficiaries of these positive business tax changes.”

The Keep Michigan Growing campaign points out that since business tax reform was enacted, small business owners have created thousands of new jobs, there are nearly 175,000 fewer unemployed and Michigan’s economy is more competitive than ever before.

The Keep Michigan Growing website ( has tools to allow people to share the small business growth message on social networks and sign a petition to thank lawmakers for simplifying the tax code and helping Michigan grow. The campaign’s Twitter feed is @keepMIgrowing. Its Facebook page is

Small Business for Michigan is a new 501(c)(4) nonprofit that supports public policies and programs aimed at improving Michigan’s small business economy, business climate and employment opportunities. It promotes, encourages and advocates citizen participation in political and civic events, governmental events and associated activities.

More information about Small Business for Michigan is available at, and on Twitter @sbformi.

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