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New SBAM survey finds small business owners enthusiastic about eliminating Personal Property Tax – help the fight by telling us about your old, taxed equipment

June 27, 2014

Sixty-five percent of small business owners in a recent Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) survey say they will vote Yes for Proposal 1 on Aug. 5. Another 10 percent of respondents are undecided but leaning toward Yes.

Proposal 1 would immediately eliminate the Personal Property Tax for all manufacturers, eliminate it for small businesses that have less than $80,000 in personal property and phase it out over nine years for larger businesses.

“We are pleased that an overwhelming majority of small business owners plan to vote Yes on this important proposal,” says SBAM President and CEO Rob Fowler. “We believe that percentage will go much higher as more and more entrepreneurs understand that this proposal would create a more stable funding system for local community services like police, fire, ambulances, roads, schools, libraries, parks and jails – without raising taxes on anybody. It’s a win-win for Michigan’s small businesses and Michigan’s local communities.”

Sixty-six percent of small business owners surveyed said they would be impacted by the elimination of the Personal Property Tax.

Over 600 small business owners from across Michigan were surveyed.

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