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New trends finding their way to landing pages

June 13, 2016

Article courtesy of 3Sixty Interactive
By Eric Hammis

With digital marketing, everything is in a constant state of change, and the same goes for landing pages. Your landing page is the first page many people see, which means that page is going to either further lead a visitor down the marketing funnel or make them jump ship.

Hopefully your landing pages aren’t producing a high bounce rate. If they are, then it’s obviously time to make some changes. And as I mentioned before, landing changes now days are taking on a new look, and it might be a bit different from what you are producing. Let’s take a quick look at some of the new trends that are producing positive results with today’s landing pages.

Solve Your Guest’s Problem
Your visitors are coming to your landing page to solve a problem, and you want to solve that problem as quick as possible. People don’t want to spend wasted minutes trying to find a solution, so make sure you let your visitor know right away that they are on the right page and that you have the solution.

How do you do this? It’s all about the title of your page and your content. It’s the first thing your visitor is going to notice, so if they’re coming to your page, for example, looking for a waterproof case for their iPhone, your title best say something along the lines of, “We Provide State-of-the-Art Waterproof iPhone Cases.” This is not only going to let the visitor know right away that they came to the right place, but that you have the solution to their problem.

Also be sure you are staying consistent with the imagery and text you are using on the ad that brought them to the landing page. This will let your guest know they’ve landed on the correct page.

Build Credibility
Do you have some major clients that you work with? Let people see it. Many times, visitors to your site might be going back and forth on whether they want to do business with you, but aren’t sure if you have the expertise to fit their needs. By showcasing the logos of some of your bigger, well-known clients, it’s going to provide that visitor with a sense of security that you know what you’re doing. You never know, it could be the difference between landing a new customer or client or that person heading elsewhere.

Another great way of building credibility is by posting testimonials for visitors to see. Be sure your page doesn’t turn into a testimonial page, however. Keep in mind, this is a landing page, and it should be designed specifically for what your visitor is looking for. Stick to one or two STRONG testimonials.

Put It To Action
More and more we are starting to people create landing pages with images or video of the product or service they are providing. Chances are if you find yourself on a landing page for Nike shoes, you are going to see that particular shoe in action. And what’s better than seeing the product you are looking for in live action? If you can provide this type of visual, you are sure to see your conversion rate climb.

Last, But Not Least
There are all types of different strategies you can try when it comes to creating your landing pages. But you want to make sure you aren’t going over the top with your strategies. If you’ve got a page loaded with videos, images, testimonials and others, you’re going to create too much noise and scare off your lead. Keep it simple, and stick to what your visitor is looking for. If you can do this, you should see a positive conversion rate within your landing pages.

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