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New Year’s resolutions for sales people! On today’s SBAM Business Next audio report

January 13, 2015

Michael Rogers talks with sales training expert Joe Marr of Sandler Training in Ann Arbor. Joe says it’s important to be methodical and disciplined about achieving certain lists of daily sales activity goals. He warns about the trap of constructive avoidance. Joe calls it “pre-crastination,” which is another way of filling your schedule with so many tasks and events that you leave no time to do the things you need to do.

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Joe Marr has over 20 years of experience organizing, training, coaching and managing sales professionals and sales managers worldwide. In executive sales and training positions in the corporate world, Joe was responsible for the technical and sales fundamentals training of over 1000 sales people worldwide in support of a $110,000,000 business.

A native of Ann Arbor who attended EMU Business School, Joe’s mission is to help business people to get as comfortable and effective in selling and sales management, as they are in the rest of their business.

Business Next is hosted and produced by SBAM’s Vice President Communications Michael Rogers. You can hear helpful news and advice that makes you a more successful small business owner ever Monday, Wednesday and Fridays on the Michigan Business Network. Click here for an archive of previous programs.

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