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NSBA Releases Year-End Economic Report

January 30, 2010

SBAM’s national affiliate the National Small Business Association (NSBA) released its 2009 survey of small businesses last week.  Not surprisingly, economic uncertainty remains a key concern for small business owners across the country.

Highlights of the report yield some of the following results:

  • 64 percent reported a decrease in revenues (the highest since 1993).
  • 39 percent indicate that they are unable to get adequate financing for their business.
  • While 12 percent increased the number of employees during the year, 44 percent saw a decrease in the number of employees.
  • 52 percent expect growth opportunities in the coming year.
  • 24 percent expect to hire more employees, while 18 percent expect a decrease in their number of employees.

To access the full report please click here.

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