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Partnership Spotlight: Old Town Commercial Association

October 25, 2011

In November of 2008, the Small Business Association of Michigan launched a new initiative to actively seek out regional and statewide business organizations who shared our vision in moving towards an entrepreneurial economy. Lansing’s Old Town Commercial Association was one of the first to see value in partnering with SBAM. We sat down with OTCA’s Executive Director to talk about our partnership.

Old Town Commercial Association

Businesses who join the Old Town Commercial Association have a passion for and are committed to preserving Lansing’s only historical commercial district and influencing economic development. With a mutual goal of developing a more vibrant community; the actions of Old Town Commercial Association’s 100+ members are bringing real results.
“Members of the Old Town Commercial Association are automatically members of the Small Business Association of Michigan,” shared Old Town Commercial Association’s Executive Director, Brittney Hoszkiw. “Together, we work for the betterment of the Old Town neighborhood – and that’s made possible by these types of partnerships.”

Focus had the opportunity to talk with Hoszkiw about Old Town’s partnership with SBAM:

Focus: What is the value of SBAM to Old Town?

Hoszkiw: For us, the different benefits that SBAM offers are often times thought to be available only through larger organizations. When our members, 50% of whom have one to three employees, realize what they have access to through their Old Town membership and consequently a membership in SBAM, they are thrilled [Old Town members are automatically SBAM members as a result of this strategic partnership]. This partnership is a good example of a value-add situation where you’re providing extremely small businesses the tools to be successful. When working with a staff of one to two people, that value is exponential. 

Focus: Why is partnership important?

Hoszkiw:  Each one of the organizations available to help small businesses has different resources to offer their members. To improve Old Town and the region as whole, we need to look to partnering with organizations and finding ways to achieve mutual goal of a more vibrant community. Our partnership with SBAM, for example, has allowed us to work toward that goal by giving a small organization like ourselves the tools to strengthen our member businesses.

Learn more about the Old Town Commercial Association at, Since its inception, SBAM’s strategic partnership program has teamed up with 25 business organizations, associations and chambers who represent over 3500 small business owners across Michigan.  For more information on SBAM’s strategic partnerships, contact Pierre LaVoie at

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