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Profile of the leader of a 37-year-old family business

April 12, 2017

Michael Rogers, communications officer with the Small Business Association of Michigan, interviews Laura Anderson president & CEO Aluminum Blanking Company (ABCo). Laura leads a 37-year-old family owned business, which is recognized for its deep heritage as the first dedicated processor of aluminum sheet in North America.

Twenty-seven years ago, Laura first joined ABCo after years of leading aerospace engineering initiatives at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA. In 2004, Laura left ABCo, after serving as Vice President of Systems, Quality and Engineering. She then filled a succession of leadership positions at tier-one automotive suppliers in the areas of six-sigma process improvement, logistics, and large-scale SAP implementation in supply chain planning and manufacturing. Beginning in 2011, Laura founded a consulting firm that specialized in providing world-class Quality, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Planning, SAP Implementation, and JIT System Roll-Out Project Management and Advisory services. Laura rejoined ABCo in 2014 as Executive Vice President of Operations, and was later promoted to President, CEO. She is very proud of the team at ABCo and the legacy they have built on quality processing of aluminum blanks serving both commercial and automotive markets.

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