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ProgressiveAE continues to grow

May 23, 2012

Article courtesy of Rapid Growth

Michigan’s small businesses are growing!  Check out Michigan Jobs Insight for further details on recent small business success stories, or to submit your own growth story.

You need look no further than ProgressiveAE for signs of job growth in West Michigan.

According to Melissa Versluis, Sr. HR manager, the Grand Rapids-based architectural firm has hired over 40 positions in the past six months and currently has at least eight open positions still needing to be filled.

“The growth has been due to a couple of things,” explains Versluis. “The economy is improving and companies are investing in new projects and renovation.” She adds that a positive “word-of-mouth” and ProgressiveAE’s good reputation have been significant factors in contributing to new work, much of it on a national level.

The growth sectors include retail, where several national chains continue to expand throughout the country, and healthcare.

For the most part, Versluis has been able to find top-notch talent locally, but they do recruit nationally for many specialty positions, especially for health care projects. “Because we have been growing and working on really cool projects, the word on the street has been very positive,” says Versluis.

Source: Melissa Versluis, ProgressiveAE

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