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Reaction to Gov. Snyder’s Jan. 19 state of the state address

January 20, 2011

Rob Fowler

Small Business Association of Michigan President and CEO Rob Fowler says the organization applauds Gov. Snyder’s announcement that Michigan’s economic development strategy will switch to a greater focus on “economic gardening.” Fowler says gardening is crucial because home grown small businesses, particularly fast growing second-stage firms, are the companies that create jobs.

Small Business Association of Michigan resources on “economic gardening”:

“Propelling a New Economic Direction for Michigan” White Paper
SBAM’s Blueprint for “Propelling a New Economic Direction for Michigan” report.
“Economic gardening” informational webpage

“We also enthusiastically support Gov. Snyder’s Michigan Dashboard tool that will measure our progress toward economic growth. We’re encouraged that he’s going to use metrics that can be tracked and evaluated. We’ve heard from our members that they want elected officials to be held more accountable for their actions, and we’re thrilled that the governor is implementing a system that will make that accountability possible.”

Fowler also says that Gov. Snyder’s new budget timelines show a gratifying focus on sound, long term planning instead of short term budget gimmicks. “Small business owners, like the governor, are focused on outcomes and results, and his plans for improving the management of state government are a tremendous step in the right direction,” says Fowler.

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