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Safety literally pays for Small Business Association of Michigan member businesses

December 16, 2015

Ensuring safe work practices and participation in a workers’ compensation dividend program available through the Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) truly paid off for over 70 businesses, as they are now sharing a $43,714 premium dividend.  

The 4% dividend amount returned is based upon each participant’s premium costs and ranges from $40 to over $4,736, with an average dividend of over $624.  

Over and above the dividend opportunities, SBAM’s group dividend program offers a 5-percent discount on workers compensation insurance premium rates to participating member businesses.

Practicing and promoting safety in the workplace not only leads to fewer injuries and workers compensation claims, resulting in lowered premiums, but can also lead to monetary rewards through our group program dividends.

“It’s a fact – safety pays. A safe work environment is not only great for employees, it’s great for the bottom line,” says Laura Hall, Accident Fund’s group program consultant. “We’re proud to be able to present the the Small Business Association of Michigan  this dividend check for their participating members to thank them for their commitment to safety and to encourage them to continue with that commitment in the future.”

In order to ensure that policyholders have all of the tools necessary to promote a safe workplace, Accident Fund’s WorkSafe consultants work closely with policyholders on safe work practices and provide employee safety training.  Additionally, Accident Fund offers an online “Toolbox” where policyholders can easily link to federal and state workplace safety websites. Learn more.

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