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Safety pays

November 30, 2017

SBAM members earn $46,000 dividend for safe workplace practices

Over 100 Small Business Association of Michigan members will share a premium dividend worth over $46,000 thanks to safe work practices and their participation in a workers’ compensation group dividend program.

The dividend amount returned is based on each participant’s premium costs and has an average dividend of over $465 each.

In addition to dividend opportunities, SBAM’s group dividend program offers participating businesses a five-percent discount on their workers compensation insurance premium rates.

While keeping people healthy and injury-free is vital in its own right, it is also an important factor in the ability to earn a dividend. Safety at work leads to fewer injuries and fewer workers compensation claims.

“It’s a fact – safety pays. A safe work environment is not only great for employees, it’s great for the bottom line,” says Laura Hall, Accident Fund’s group program consultant. “We’re proud to be able to present the Chamber with this dividend for members in this program.”

Accident Fund’s Loss prevention consultants work with policyholders on safe work practices and teach employee safety training. The company also offers an online “tool box” where policyholders can link to federal and state workplace safety websites.

“Encouraging safety in the workplace while offering a member-only plan that can provide real money back is definitely a win-win situation,” said Scott Lyon, SBAM Senior Vice President.  “The Accident Fund Workers’ Compensation Program is one of many great offers we have to help our members more effectively control their costs.”

Accident Fund Insurance Company of America
Accident Fund Insurance Company of America is a member of Accident Fund Holdings, Inc. All policies are underwritten by a licensed insurer subsidiary of Accident Fund Holdings. 

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